Effective Resources

One of your best resources is your State Director. All UCA State Directors have a high level of expertise and
can provide in-depth assistance on camps, help with camp and competition selection, and assist with your tryouts.
Each of us is knowledgeable and eager to help, so let us know what you need.

First time to attend camp? You’ve come to the best. All new coaches will attend the First Time Coaches' Meeting
and receive New Coaches’ Information for year-round cheerleading reference.

Year-round education and support for coaches!


24/7 access to info on
everything UCA provides for
you and your squad.


Specialized customer support
based on your team's needs
and location.

Safety first and always

100% of the UCA Staff is AACCA safety certified so you learn safety the right way, right from the start!
AACCA Safety Courses are offered at select UCA Coaches’ Clinics and Varsity University Conferences nationwide.
Also available online at AACCA.org.

$1 Million dollar secondary liability insurance

UCA provides coverage for cheer coaches employed full time by a school or school district. Must be 21 years of age.
Member coverage remains in force through May 15, 2018, subject to the renewal of the master policy.

Coaches Stunt workshop is 2x better

UCA offers TWO Coaches Stunt Workshops. Your Head Instructor and UCA Staff stunt group will demonstrate skills,
stunt technique and stunt progressions– all geared towards training coaches! You’ll gain valuable
safety knowledge to support your own stunt coaching after camp is over!


Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit is a nationally recognized measure of a sponsored activity through
institutes, workshops and short courses. In some states, it will apply toward pay increases, certificate renewal or
in-service training. Completion of the UCA Coaches Program or completion of all camp meetings qualifies coaches as
“certified or credentialed members”, eligible for $1 Million Dollar Secondary Liability Insurance,
and can apply to receive Continuing Education Unit credits.

Educational best practices begin here

UCA’s daily Coaches Meetings are now powered with the knowledge of Varsity University!
A resource and comprehensive education program for cheer coaches around the country, Varsity University
covers all aspects of successful spirit program management.


Game day prepared

In addition to the cheers and sidelines you'll learn at camp, you will also receive the “UCA Game Day Playbook”.
It's the ultimate sideline companion filled with sports rules and glossaries, sideline formations and game planning sheets.
It’s sure to become your go-to-game day reference!

Take home free gifts

FREE Coaches’ Field Guide to Camp, a comprehensive reference
covering everything you need to know in order to make your
camp experience truly rewarding.

FREE Summer Bonus Material for every coach at UCA Camp!
Includes bonus cheers, sidelines, dances and more! ($75 value)

FREE UCA Tryout Kit, coming next spring! It explains the tryout process,
pre-tryout meeting(s) and clinic, selection of judges and running
the tryout. It includes material with demo videos and music,
essential tryout forms and much more!